Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sorry, faithful readers!

I have been crazy busy since right before and after the wedding, and last time I tried to post the WHOLE THING got erased when the site just shut down for no reason.

Thus, as the end of the school year approaches and crew takes up almost every weekend I have for the next month, I am taking a planned hiatus. I promise I’ll write all about my wedding, which was lovely and perfect and wonderful, and my doings. I just don’t want you to keep checking and not have anything new. But don’t go away! I promise, promise I’ll update when I can; I just know that with exams looming and my time becoming ever precious as the rowing season intensifies (gone all next weekend, most of the following, and even more over the next two), I won’t be able to give you my anecdotes.

Tell you what—I’ll try for something really short every few days. How’s that?

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Sarah said...

Yes, we miss you! Will look forward to future postings... Good luck with all the coaching!