Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why get snippy?

OK, since I've written one sentence about the cutting of the hair and received two comments already, I figured I'd go for it. I realize I have readers in other countries (thank you--glad to have you), so perhaps this is only an American phenomenon: For some reason, when women reach a certain age and have a family (and are not on Desperate Housewives), they cut their hair. I can think of a few exceptions, such as my Aunt P. and my friend L.'s mother, but that's it. Wait! L.'s mother is Dutch or Nederlandish or whatever the hell it is now! Maybe it IS an American conspiracy.

Well, either way, it seems that when women reach their forties or so and have a kid or two, some irresistible urge comes on them to cut their hair. Why? Do they feel long hair looks too "youthful"? Does short hair actually look better at a certain age? Is it too much of a pain to deal with drying and so forth? I cannot believe the latter because I have had short hair and I'm telling you, it can take waaaay more time to deal with when you have waves that threaten to look like a cross between Medusa and serious bedhead unless you attack with gel, spray, a hair dryer, and numerous combs and brushes immediately upon exiting the shower. My mother can attest to this as well. She did have long hair when we were little but since about 1984 her hair has not touched her shoulders. It always looks great (although she never thinks so) but I just do not understand why she cut it. What don't I know? Is it a compulsion? Is there a law? Do your friends pressure you into it? Someone please set me straight. I find this hair question to rank among one of Life's Mysteries but is probably simple ignorance on my part. S. is right: Most men seem to love the long hair. DH just recently begged me not to cut mine. In this weather it's usually up anyway, so is there a point to having it long? Another female question: Why do we insist on keeping the one lost earring? Do we really think we'll find the other one someday? Just something else to ponder.

Enjoy your day!


Ouiser said...

the great mystery that i thought of today: why does adding barbecue sauce to a burger make it "western"? (i passed a burger king this morning, and a big sign out front declared the western whopper was back.) since when is barbecue sauce considered a solely western condiment? unless they mean western hemisphere, but i doubt it.

die Frau said...

We should make that a post: Have everyone write in their unanswered questions and I'll post them.