Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our House!

So I wrote about house hunting and the terrible places we saw. And then, DH's mom called and mentioned a place she'd seen near her house. Three bedrooms, great yard, close to the town center but not too close, dry basement, etc. Long story short, we fell in love. After having my parents scrutinize it (R. has looked through many a home and we wanted his and my mom's input) and getting their OK, we made an offer... and we got the house! I'll post pictures soon. Trust that it's very cute. The interior decoration smacks of "early grandmother" (think 70s kitchen, several old windup clocks, and yellow/orange/brown floral wallpaper) but that's fixable. As the Realtor said, it has "great bones". The former owners raised their family there and obviously gave it a lot of love. My favorite part so far? The inlaid cherry bookshelves in the living room. Love 'em!

This may sound silly, but it feels so adult to own a house. DH and I now have a mortgage and a yard and a real, live basement (well, nothing lives in it as far as I know) and everything. We even have a raspberry bush! I find it all rather amazing and exciting. The house also happens to sit behind the football field of the local high school--not so close that stray passes will fly into the yard but close enough that my friend H. pointed out that the house will get egged on Halloween. It's all pretty exciting that we're really moving on to the next part of our lives, the part that will probably include children and Christmases and repainting and fights and everything. Mindblowing.

7/10/07 What makes this even more significant? Through a series of events, I found out said local high school had an English job opening. Bear in mind that the school is close enough to my house to literally walk out my door and across that field in five minutes. I figured I'd check it out just to see what would happen... and they actually offered me the job! I hadn't even thought of going elsewhere but I had to take the opportunity. Thus this means starting over again, but I think this could be something more permanent, finally. It also means I have to teach yucky boys again, ewwww.

So anyone want to come over for a painting party?


Sarah said...

OH. MY. GOSH!!!!! You bought a HOUSE, found, interviewed, were offered and accepted a new JOB and you've been keeping it secret this whole time!! You can't *do* that to your friends! You also can't tell us all about a new house and not show pictures, crazy lady! When do you move in???

Ouiser said...

I am so insanely happy for you guys. I promise an appropriately long congratulatory note soon. For now, the diapers need washing.

So excited. So. So. So. Excited.

Leslie said...

WOW. This is seriously exciting. I'm also impressed that all this happened in such a short time. Good for you and DH!! I can't wait to visit!!

feather nester said...

Congratulations! That screams "meant to be" in a major way. I'm so happy for you both. It's all just falling into place, huh? Can't wait to see pics, hint, hint! Awesome. You must be SO excited.