Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Questions

1. Why, in a movie trilogy, is the first one usually best, the second one a dismal sequel, and the third a sort of apology for the second that actually does work? Yes, there are exceptions (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End comes to mind--I fell asleep and that rarely happens with me.)

2. Who truly cares about Paris Hilton? And why won't she go away?

3. Why did my bike, made in CA, need metric Allen wrenches?

4. Will kids ever read books again, or has technology pretty much ruined that forever unless old fogies like myself force them to?

5. How do people still have faith in George Bush? Hasn't enough evidence accrued that people realize he's made a variety of, shall we say, poor decisions?

6. Why is exercise/dieting/you name it such a hard habit to get into but so incredibly easy to fall out of, even though we know it will enhance our lives?

7. Why don't bars have little hooks underneath for women to hang purses on?

8. Wouldn't it just make border crossing easier if, on a driver's license, the government put a little symbol on there indicating that the driver had been born in the United States instead of trying to force everyone to buy a $300 passport?

9. Why do I think the government would do something simple and logical? (Does anyone know that story about the U.S. space program trying to design a pen that would work in space, spending thousands of dollars and hours to get ink that would work in weightlessness...and the Russians used a pencil?)

10. Will SNL really cycle back to funny skits again? Who's still watching it to even see?

11. Do we really need a fishing network?

12. How does one get egg off a house? (I ask this because I'm moving so close to a high school.)

13. Will I have to listen to the Top 40 music station so I know what my students are singing--and tell them not to sing it in class--even though I think most of it is crap? When did I become my parents?

14. Why does my town have three soft rock stations and NO oldies station?

15. Why do I secretly watch America's Next Top Model?

16. Will Harry Potter die? What will I do after the series has ended?


Leslie said...
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Sarah said...

The restaurant I used to work at had hooks under the bar *and* under the tables. And if you read about my recent fancy steakhouse experience, my purse got it's own table!! We need to spread the word to restaurant owners...