Sunday, May 4, 2008

A dream come true

Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers

Last night I had a wish of my childhood realized: I saw The Police in concert. Let me tell you, as a longtime Police fan, they exceeded my every expectation. You have to understand, as a kid, my first ever "favorite band" was The Police. I belted out "Roxanne" at age ten waaaay before I ever knew what putting on the red light meant. I stood there in the pouring rain with the world turning circles running round my brain. They wrapped me around their finger. I felt total synchronicity with this band.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters opened, and they kicked ass themselves, stirring up the crowd. Great stuff, but I actually began to get stomach flutters waiting for The Police to come on. At various moments in the concert I would suddenly think, "I AM WATCHING THE POLICE IN CONCERT!" and just get excited all over again. I sang all the songs, screamed until I was hoarse, and marveled at these three talented musicians. I'd forgotten, as many others had, probably, just how well Andy Summers can wail on a guitar, and Stewart Copeland rocked the percussion like a madman. Sting has remained a favorite throughout the years, but he would've taken a much longer time to get noticed without his bandmates to complement that voice. They started their tour in Ottawa, so we, as the second stop, got the show where they'd gotten some of the initial kinks out and still liked each other enough to play the songs true. I'm sure along the way they'll remember why they got together in the first place and why they broke up as a band, but we got three happy men blasting out their greatest hits, playing off each other in every sense of the word, and the crowd ate it up, baby. They didn't miss a trick and it all seemed familiar and new at the same time. I loved every single second of that show and have totally renewed my love of The Police.

On another note, saw Iron Man this weekend and I have to give that a solid two thumbs up for comic book excitement, good acting, and fun with explosions but not overdoing it. Plus I love Robert Downey, Jr.--please, please stay out of trouble so I can continue to adore you in theaters. See? The Police have made me gush over everything. EVERYTHING! My dog is so cute! I just love my hair today! My husband is the sweetest man in the world!

I hope you all had a good weekend, too.


feather nester said...

I got your text and tried to text you back, but it wouldn't go through! So, so happy for you! That is unbelievably cool. I can read the passion, that's one of your best posts ever! Sounds like a great memory.

Strongmama said...

Lucky girl! I love the feeling you get when you go to a great concert and you sing and sing for days afterwards because the rush is still with you. Glad you had such a great time!