Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The skin you're in

Today became one of those days where I wish I'd stayed in bed or worked at another job, preferably one with mature adults: The kids clearly hadn't read, we had little to no discussion even though they have a quiz (well, a "quest"--part quiz, part test) tomorrow, and I wanted to tell them that as much as they had mentally checked out, their teachers had similar feelings but refused to give into them. Sigh. So, at least I have something positive to contribute to all of you that makes the day worthwhile:

Just got this from Real Simple a few days ago online: The Skin Cancer Foundation and Aveeno are combining to give free skin cancer screenings around the country this spring and summer. As someone with skin just this side of ghost white, I take my sunscreen and skin cancer very seriously. Click here to find a location near you, as well as the date. Anyone in my area, there are two different places close to us that we can go to, which is a nice change from tours like this only getting as close as NYC and maybe Cleveland. Use SPF 30, people! Don't go tanning! Embrace your freckles and pale selves (or use fake tanner, like I do....)!

Famous pale people:

- Nicole Kidman (particularly in Moulin Rouge)
- The Pillsbury Dough Boy
- Kirsten Dunst (sans the fashion sense)
- Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City)
- Casper
- Rose McGowan (of Charmed fame)
- Kelly Taylor in early episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210
- Julianne Moore
- Conan O'Brian
- Frosty the Snowman
- Early seasons of Friends Courtney Cox

Any others I can't think of?

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