Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The ins and outs of living next to a high school

I know it's closing down on summer because two days ago I heard our awesome marching band (#1 in NYS last year! They even got to play Main Street, USA in Disney World. Pretty cool.) practicing. If you're going to live next to a school, it's good to listen to a quality marching band as opposed to ones that "try really hard".

On the flip side, I just heard a girl screaming at her apparently very recent ex-boyfriend in the parking lot. If you're going to dump someone, maybe don't do it in a place where there's good echo quality. I didn't get a lot aside from repeated "WHY!?!?!? Right before school?!" and a lot of F-bombs from her, and "I don't want to talk to you!" from him. Ah, young love, so complicated. I don't mean to sound callous; I just didn't expect the literal Young and the Restless soundtrack to come floating through my window.

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