Monday, July 14, 2008

More Penny

Well, Scarlet asked for more Penny pictures, and since she just got back from the groomer's, I thought I'd post these since she won't look any better than this for quite a while. You can finally see her eyes--T didn't even realize they were that high up on her face!

Before, when she looked like a little mop ragamuffin:

We really do brush her; you just can't tell.
After--you can see her sweet face!

Although I'm not used to her looking like this yet, I already think she looks more like herself. I can't explain it. Now all we have to do is change the kitchen floor so it matches the gorgeousness of The Pen, as we call her.

1 comment:

Scarlet Lily said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't wait to show B. And I can't wait to meet her!!