Thursday, July 3, 2008

Your own personal soundtrack

Quickly, without thinking: What song is in your head right now?

Come on, lurkers! Let me know! Right now for some reason mine is "Everything's Not Lost" by Coldplay.

And did you ever get a random song in your head or a movie that you haven't heard or seen in years and then it suddenly shows up? I consider that the universe checking in, telling me, "I'm here with you, hon!"

Maybe if enough people respond I'll make an iPod mix or something. I've got the time, mercifully.


GreenLight said...

All Across the Universe cover by Fiona Apple.

Sarah said...

OK, I didn't have this song in my head b/c that rarely happens to me, but b/c my new brother-in-law was just talking about this "oldie" yesterday, when I forced myself to think of a random song, I came up with this one:

Humpty Dance!

Haha - yes, that's right! I also remember the exact place I was (7th grade party) when I heard it for the first time. This was the same party where I pretended to know exactly who Salt & Pepa were so as not to lose cool points. Hehe.

die Frau said...

Humpty Dance! Niiiiice! And I like that Fiona Apple version, although I also love Rufus Wainwright's.


This is going to be a very eclectic but short mix, folks. Help me out.

Anonymous said...

LET's DO THE TIME WARP AGAAAAIN! Thanks, Balk, for putting that cutie in my head about an hour ago. Kisses, ~Alice

Sarah said...

Ha!!! Time Warp! That was totally on the Do Not Play list at the wedding! :) :) Sorry Al!