Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Domestic Doings

This past Sunday we did what everyone says they're going to do but does not: We cleaned our basement. Actually vacuumed, got rid of numerous daddy long-leg communities, threw things away, and set up our gym equipment, complete with treadmill, bike, [used] rowing machine, and weights. The former two pieces came from R., who acquired them from a previous trainer. We do not have piles of money to buy equipment. Oh, and we set up the iPod dock for tunes while we work out. Love it! Used it! Rocked out! Mind you, it's still concrete floor and the insects will try to stage other coups, I'm sure, but it looks fantastic compared to the mess it was. The process involved a lot of

"Why the hell do we have this?"
"I don't know. Maybe one day we'll--"
"No. Throw it out."

I wanted to take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, but DH pointed out that at this time of year (and at other times, if I'm honest), my good intentions will sit for months until we inevitably DO throw them out. I'll work on this, promise. We also got a new filter for the vacuum cleaner and, at the risk of sounding totally 1950s, I loved vacuuming after we switched it in. I felt inspired as it zipped across the rug, sucking in any and all dirt, as opposed to the effort it made before, like a small child trying half-heartedly to use a straw on a piece of ice: Maybe something gets sucked up, but only by accident.

Plus we've got guests coming for dinner this weekend, so we HAVE to clean. It's one of the reasons I invite people over. I'm not kidding.

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GreenLight said...

Yay for you being all super-productive. You are truly an inspiration! I mostly sat around and watched the X-Files in my underwear :) Well, I did also make lamb stew (it wasn't that labor-intensive and it did not require pants...).