Monday, October 20, 2008

On a totally different note...

Favorite Parts about Autumn
  • Fall colors: the bursts of color in all trees. How could I live in Florida, where this never happens?
  • The light in the afternoon with huge clouds on one side of the sky and sunshine on the other
  • Rainy days when you get to curl up with a mug of hot [your choice] and a good book
  • Crisp autumn days with bright sun but cold enough temps to finally pull out that fun jacket
  • Little kids in pumpkin patches
  • Pomegranates
  • Stew and other comfort food
  • The smell in the air. I can't describe it; I think it's a combination of turned earth, sun, and a hint of cold air
  • Pulling out my sweaters even though I know I'll wear them for the next six months
  • Football
  • Stopping every so often to appreciate all of this; allowing myself some introspective moments
What about you? This is my favorite time of year; if it's yours, what makes you love this season as much as I do? Or, why do you love your favorite season? It's a little elementary, perhaps, but give it a shot.


innspecter said...

Here's my return comment to you:
The combination of the cold, moist air and the colors of the leaves is my favorite thing about Fall.
Tomorrow I'll do a literary post of some of my favorite Halloween/fright fiction.

feather nester said...

Oh, this is totally my time of year, too. I THRIVE in the fall! I love scarves and hats and gloves and jackets (not to be confused with coats, there's a reason i live in the south now) and pumpkins and squashes and pies and apples and crisps and cinnamon on everything and turning leaves and HALLOWEEN (OMG, Halloween, how I love thee) and turkey and holiday decorations....Clearly, I could go on for, like, ever.