Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Well, I've tried to make my little changes, with the help of a lot of people and sites, including Green as a Thistle, 1BagataTime, Ecobags, ReusableBags, Gaiam, Fair Indigo, Crunchy Chicken, Freelance Farmers, a possible CSA near me, the local farmer's market, and numerous friends. I ranted a bit to my students today about getting water bottles like my Sigg (if any of them were to imitate me, they'd just need the water bottle and glasses) and reusable coffee mugs-- so many of them are Tim Hortons freaks. The company just had a "Roll up the Rim to Win" contest where you could win a prize (a free coffee, a gift certificate, a car) by rolling up the rim of your coffee mug to see what it revealed. This, to me, just generated tons of trash--the thousands of coffee cups that got thrown away in the mad dash to win a prize saddened me as a budding environmentalist.

Anyway. I'll stop ranting. A little. My sister C helped me create a great vegetable garden, and this summer I'll try to can what's left over so I don't waste anything. The compost pile's coming along, and I'll make more of an effort to ride my bike now that the weather's warm enough. I bring my own bags wherever I can, buy organic when it's not too pricey (I do have to think of my wallet, unfortunately), and have attempted to buy organic, fair trade, or local whenever I can.
Have not been able to break the husband of using paper towels, but if I buy the recycled kind, I'm pretty sure I can throw them into the compost pile. We rarely use the dryer, and I've switched to organic detergent.

I know I've made a few more changes and have lots to go, but I think if I and others can improve a bit every year, that will make a difference. Anything you've done to green things up? Policies you know of? Any suggestions? I always love to add to my list!

Celebrate Earth Day and make it last. Greenie, signing out.

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