Monday, October 31, 2011

Just ducky

Thanks to Toddler Tamer, J dressed as a duck for Halloween.  The fact that the costume fit him slightly too large made it even better:

 What did Mommy do to me?  How did I get like this?

 Well, I know I look pretty sweet....

 I'm kind of excited about it, really

 Actually, today I'm Ducktor Evil 

 Mommy, what is this thing on my head?

 What's with all the adults making all that racket to get us to look up, anyway?  They are so silly.

I'm helping! 
What?  I said I was helping.  I wasn't going to do anything....


Strongmama said...

I love it! Glad he was such a good sport about it.

Rachel said...

Cutie pie!

Leslie said...

OH! So, so good!