Monday, October 17, 2011

What I know

Wow, time flies.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted; I'll try to do better.  However, right now most of my days consist of playing with J, learning the ins and outs of his dietary and digestive habits, and looking for jobs.  I love the J part, although the job search gets a bit frustrating. 

To that end, here is what I know:  I cannot control

...the job market
...why people choose to hire or not hire the way they do
...the weather
...whether people call me back or not long J naps
...the quality of T's day at work
...the health of my loved ones
...the fact that we simply have to spend money on certain things
...certain changes my body has gone through, post-baby

I can control much I pursue a job and the avenues I choose to take to get one I present myself as a candidate
...dressing for warmth, wind, and rain
...making attempts to get together with friends and meet new people
...the general pattern of J's days and what I do within my days I respond to T when he's had a hard day to make it a better one
...positive thoughts and vibes, calling the doctor when J feels bad, trusting my instincts spending on frivolous items, staying within our budget
...working out in tiny increments when I can, eating healthily, accepting the fact that my body's changes have resulted in the most fabulous life change I've ever had the privilege of going through

So I'll do my best to live the Serenity Prayer, really.  Not a bad way to go about things, is it?

(Upcoming:  lots of pictures of J)


Sarah Berry said...

When I got pregnant, Toddler Tamer told me to not even think about the state of your body until you've given it a full year. I found that to be so true.

For me personally (and some other women I know) my body didn't drop any weight until I STOPPED breastfeeding. And even at the year point, the number on the scale was back to normal, but I still had no muscle tone, and my hips and ribs were still permanently wider.

Winter is coming - just decide to live in black and baggy, warm items and give yourself plenty of time!

Leslie said...

I love you and you are doing a GREAT job!