Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Quick List of Things I Have Learned to Do One-Handed

This should imply I have the baby occupying the other hand.

I'll post pictures soon...I think J may be going through another growth spurt, so I'm on call a lot lately.  He's also rolling over and then becoming royally ticked because he can't roll back or hold up his head well yet, so I do a lot of rescuing.  He's like a reverse little bug, except he's stuck on his tummy instead of his back, poor little guy.  But he can already use his legs to thrust himself forward.  We may be in trouble....

Anyway, here goes (and yes, I'm doing this LEFTY)
  • type (obviously)
  • eat
  • take out and fold laundry
  • put a bottle together
  • dress J (while holding him in place with the other)
  • Push a stroller with the dog on her leash using the other hand (work in progress)
  • text
I bet there are more, but I can't think of them right now.   By the way, my friend L sent us a Halloween costume for J that will make you melt from the sweetness.  When I post the picture at the end of next month, I dare you not to react. 

P.S. Twelve weeks today!  And happy birthday, dear sister M!


Ouiser said...

you are forgetting "pour a glass of wine." it's a critical skill whilst parenting an infant :)

Strongmama said...

I agree with Ouiser. Now is also the time to test how many things you can pick up with your feet if you need to. You'd be amazed actually!