Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumn Leaves...Literally

So today's weather called for high 40s, rain, fall stuff. Around 1pm it began wet snowing. A little weird, right? Well, it's 7:30 and it's STILL SNOWING. Yes, it's on the ground. We have about three inches of wet, heavy snow. You can hear branches breaking off the trees up and down my street. I tried to get a picture with my video camera (my digital camera's not working...sniff). The problem is that since the trees all still have their leaves (some haven't even changed colors yet), the combo of that and the snow are snapping branches right and left. A large one's already fallen in our yard and I just moved my car in the hopes that anything else that comes down will miss it. At least we still have power at my place....I wonder if they'll cancel school tomorrow? Snow day in early October? Cool! Wait, no, cold!

I'll see if I can't post the pictures in a little while. I'm off to carefully walk to Just Pizza and get dinner. Wish me luck! I promise I'll walk in the street.

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