Monday, October 30, 2006

Typical Regatta

...which means the weather was complete doo-doo. It wasn't freezing, but the Head of the Fish was marked by almost torrential downpours the entire day with about ten minutes of no rain. The Parents Association, bless them, brought a tent complete with a tarp floor, tons of food, and two portable heaters. The girls camped out at the driest end, of course, and the adults all stood around and tried to stay somewhat dry. At one point DF set up one of our little camp chairs and simply sat outside with an umbrella over him just to sit down. We're talking several inches deep water in the more saturated spots. It was definitely Head of the Suck again,weather-wise.

However, there were a few shining moments: 1) My sister M. braved awful weather and distant parking to come! She got there just in time to see the novice race, which was the one I really wanted her to. Then she followed me around while I did what I needed to do, although we got some good sister time in. I loved that she showed up--what a trooper. Thanks, sister! You made that day so much more bearable. 2) The novice had an awesome race. They got fifth place out of 22 boats...and that was with the stroke catching such a massive crab (see picture; that doesn't usually happen so severely) that the boat turned almost sideways. Then they had this fabulous recovery and looked so good at the end that spectators doubted they were novices. 3) I realize that if I have to be stuck standing up for a day in the pouring rain, as long as DF is there it's ok. It wasn't just misery loving company; it was that particular company that put a different spin on the whole day. He was helpful, calm, stern when necessary, and made all the novice fall in love with him, I think: I was told that I "made a good choice". I couldn't agree more.

Tomorrow's Halloween and we're all dressing up. My intramural team's color is green, so we're having the one younger male teacher be the Jolly Green Giant and the rest of us will be vegetables. Fortunately I still have my bright green rain suit (remember, SJ?) and I'll do something with that. I tend to create my costumes around comfort. In fifth grade I spent hours painting a box so I could be a package of Juicy Fruit and then realized I could neither bend my arms nor sit down. I could still hold that candy bag with two arms, though. Gotta have priorities.

Happy Halloween!

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feather nester said...

Congrats, coach! Sorry the weather lived up to the name, and yes, I remember Paul's Head of the Suck christening well. Thanks for the voice mails! I couldn't really hear the first one, but the second one clarified...somewhat. What made you think of the Celine Dion ban? Regardless, good memory! By the way, that was your stroke that got thrown in the water? They rowed the rest of the way without her? And looked that good with seven people at the end? Sounds impossible--good for them! Glad you had DF there for support. He's da bomb. Wow, I don't think I've ever said that before.