Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finally, pictures!

Who knows when my video will show up? I found some pictures instead: If you really want details, go to Click on "View Slideshow". These are pictures of my actual street and the surrounding area. Picture #20 is my car! And if you keep looking, you will even see me! Another site is: The streets mentioned are around my neighborhood.

Crazy. And here's a completely girly comment: Why is it so hard to find a pair of fun, formal, go-out shoes? I was looking on-line and there were at the same time too damned many and not enough. The best part was looking under the wedding category and finding these gorgeous babies (see left). I am not going to question too deeply why these were on the wedding page. If you notice the little notch right below the toes? That's where you put money in. I'm not kidding. And P.S., I know DF's really tall, but I am not wearing them to make up for the height differential.

I could write an entire blog about shoes. Any and all comments are welcome on shoes. Although it makes me sad that my little map of readers is so small. Feathernester, who do you have reading your blog in India? Or northern Canada? You're global, baby!

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feather nester said...

I have no idea who my international fans are! It kind of blows my mind. As do the Buffalo pics. Makes me sad, too. Holy global warming.