Friday, October 6, 2006

Freaky Friday

Quick Friday post: I promised myself I wouldn't write bad things about my job, and while this is not bad per se, it's frustrating. I had a girl get sick in class (she has something chronic--she didn't throw up or anything). While I walked down the hall to get another adult to help with her, another girl up and fainted, falling right out of her chair. Girls shrieking, calling for me, anyone, minor mayhem. AND did I mention that this was happening a) during a test and b) while two girls were shadowing (looking at our school for next year)? Yikes. Let's just say that they won't forget THIS visit.

But everyone's ok: The first girl went home, the second came back after she'd gotten herself together, we postponed the rest of the test, and I advised them not to make it the latest bit of trauma-drama but instead to just be calm about what happened. They're all nice kids; they leapt to the one girl's aid when she fainted. I'm just glad everyone was ok, we got things under control quickly, and the girls all handled themselves pretty well.

It's a sunny fall day--can't wait to get out on the water for crew this afternoon!

Five Senses Friday:

Sound: Singing the school song in morning meeting

Sight: My landlady's old dog, Twiggy, rolling over for a tummy rub

Taste: The complimentary dessert platter we had last night out to dinner: two kinds of creme brulee and tempura-battered cheesecake! I don't even LIKE cheesecake and I liked this.

Touch: Warm slippers on a crisp fall evening

Scent: Just-cooked butternut squash and pear soup I made the other night-mmm!

Tonight's the home opener for the Sabres. GO SABES! (the picture is the old logo but the new image looks kind of like a cross between a banana slug and a large gold eyebrow.)

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