Thursday, October 26, 2006


This week went by in a flash. I've been so busy...I didn't get quite as much work done as I might have during my week off, I admit (don't judge me) and I've been catching up and trying to get ahead at the same time. Didn't have time to exercise once, getting ready for a huge regatta this weekend, and had to deal with some drama this week. Teenage girls being teenage girls, that's all.

But! Our regatta! In case I have not mentioned this, I coach our little rowing team. We're going to the Head of the Fish this weekend, where the weather is getting worse by the minute, it seems. 100% chance of heavy rain, possible high wind warning (although right now it's just 13mph or so, which is doable)...typical mid-Atlantic regatta weather, in other words. It wouldn't be a regatta if it wasn't hideous weather, waiting to see if the race would even happen...and the Fish turns into Woodstock without the benefits in terms of mud. I remember in college one guy said it should be renamed the Head of the Suck because it was that, just sucky weather. Plus at that time it was totally disorganized so it was a complete logjam of boats launching and landing, and every year somebody collided with someone going down the course.

But it's our novices' first race so I hope they get to do it. They've worked so hard and come so far...I can say without much prejudice that our novice women are the best of all the Buffalo crews, hands down. DF is going too and he's almost more excited than I am. He's got his coach's fleece vest and is ready to rock and roll. I also told him I would take the van with the novice women because I'm used to the high pitches they can achieve. Plus my sister M. will be there--I am so incredibly excited to see her and have her see us in action!

So wish us luck! We'll be drenched but hopefully victorious when we return.

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